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Highly concentrated in flavonoids and tannins, Edelweiss provides antioxidant, DNA and soothing properties.

This wonderful plant is self-immunized to flourish in the hostile environment of the mountain slopes. It has managed to develop extraordinary defenses against harmful ultraviolet rays, low atmospheric pressure and extreme temperatures and humidity. Bellefontaine, Edelweiss Extract, is obtained from plants grown in Central Switzerland.

EDELGEN® is a unique and powerful complex that can strengthen the skin barrier for optimum anti-aging protection.

Composed of an edelweiss flower extract, EDELGEN® is combined with exclusive active ingredients and ultra sophisticated molecules. It helps to soothe and dissipate discomfort while reducing redness, strengthening the skin barrier, preserving its natural hydration and balance and offering improved protection, even for the most delicate skin.

EDELGEN® protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun, cold and dryness in the air, while increasing the hydration of its uppermost layers. It aims to delay the aging process.

Bellefontaine - a synergetic bridge between science and nature.

Peter Yip

Bellefontaine Edelweiss Flower